About Us

Baby Safety Inc. is the only research organization in the world focusing on ensuring 360-degree safety of children starting from the basic baby-proofing of homes/indoors, to medical safety, to outdoor safety and beyond.

Baby Safety Inc. is committed to providing safety solutions for children aged between 0-8 years. Our team works on designing products and services to safeguard babies from prevailing dangers in their routine surroundings. These products are developed after considerable research and study of kids' habits and psychology, purposely designed to avoid restricting them in any way yet ensuring safety. We involve leading pediatricians, teachers, caretakers, mothers, child psychologists and the children themselves to continuously identify the changing landscape of hazards and threats that our children are exposed to.

We understand that little ones like to freely explore the world around them and enjoy being free as they start to move around. In curiosity, they start fiddling with doors, drawers, and sockets, or fall from the bed while playing or sleeping. All of us love our children more than we love ourselves and believe that they are safest at home. But what we often end up experiencing is different and unpleasant. We realize that there are inherent hazards in our homes that can cause injuries to our children, and in anticipation we are constantly stressed and feel extremely guilty when our child gets hurt. With an aim to prevent such unpleasant happenings and remove potential obstacles in your child's life, we have stepped forward to design products that will safeguard your child from unnecessary bumps and sore fingers.

Our products are easy to use and install for quick home-proofing. These products undergo strict quality checks to ensure best quality. We make sure your dear ones can enjoy their freedom without any risk by safety-proofing your home. We want to prevent your little ones from being exposed to any hazards in their surroundings that may bring any kind of injury or pain. We provide assurance, and that comes from knowing that you are in control of situations, however big or small they may be.

Baby Safety Inc. is also unique in the sense that it not only innovates and develops new baby safety products but also keeps developing new services to ensure baby safety in all situations. We develop trainings and workshops for parents, caretakers, and playschools on various aspects of keeping a baby safe and handling emergencies. Baby Safety Inc. is also committed to working with authorities to develop suitable child safety guidelines for various types of setups (pre/play-schools, restaurants, homes, hospitals, etc.).


Combining research with technological advancements and design expertise to develop innovative and useful products.

Our Agenda

Our products adhere to a four-point framework that ensures their effectiveness:

  • It must ensure safety from the given threat
  • It must be easy to use and install
  • It should not interfere with a child's tender activities and usual growth
  • It should be elegantly designed and visually appealing