12 Things in Your Living Room That Can Seriously Harm Your Toddler

The moment your child starts to crawl around your house, his or her safety becomes one of the most essential factors for you. When there is one toddler at your home, you need to child proofing all the corners of your house with special emphasis on living room because most of the families spend a quality time in the living room apart from bedroom. In order to find out potential hazards for your toddler, it is always suggested to view your living room from a child’s point of view. How will you do it? Just bend on your hands and knees and crawl around the living room. Here is a checklist of your living room that can be seriously harmful for your toddler.


You may prefer large windows in the living room to enhance its interior looks. But you need to be acquainted that when a window is open more than 4 inches and the screen remains without protection, there is the possibility to fall out of a child.

Blinds and shades

From a statistics, it has come to know that in the last 10 years nearly 250 children were injured due to the strangulation by blinds and shades of the window. Therefore, you should remove all the furniture with climbable surfaces by the side of the window.

Frail furniture

When your toddler is prone to push and pull the furniture of your living room very often, you should look for sturdy furniture in place of frail one so that it will not fall on the top of your child.

Furniture corners and coffee table

A coffee table in the living room can be a great hazard for your toddler as he may fall on it anytime. Moreover, the corners of coffee tables and other furniture that contain sharp edge can be dangerous for your child.


Though few houses contain fireplace now, but it can cause big hazard for your child as the sharp, hard edge of the wood or stone hearth, the blazing fire aside invite to trip up your child.


In order to increase indoor air quality, houseplants are always great. But few houseplants like dieffenbachia and philodendron can cause extremely harmful if your child chews them. Therefore, only install nontoxic plants to avoid danger.

Dirty floors

Dirty floors with lots of outside dusts, harmful toxins and pesticides that come with the soles of the shoes are unhealthy for your toddler.

Loose carpets

Lying a loose carpet or rug in the drawing room may be the reason of frequent faaling for your child.


As your toddler starts to climb, there are ample chances that he may pull the TV down and it may crash on his top.


Bookshelves are like indoor ladders where the children tend to climbing up. Unfortunately, several accidents take place every year by falling bookshelves or other furniture on the climbing toddlers.


With lamps, there are three kinds of safety hazards associated- electricity, glass and heat. Therefore, before installing fashionable lamp for indoor decoration of living room, you need to think whether it is childproof or not.


There are several items like remote controls, toys etc lying around the living room, which contain batteries. But these batteries contain corrosive chemicals that may cause serious burns.

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