Baby proofing basics: Everything you need to know to get started

If you have been expecting baby soon in the house then it becomes quite necessary to go through baby proofing. Child is certainly considered as a delightful addition to the family. In the first few months, you have to notice action of the baby minutely. Baby must be protected in the home from every possible danger. In case you have not child proof your home while you are pregnant then it must be done right now to avoid an accident.

For a parent, it is utmost important to safeguard the house from danger for the baby. Perfect scrutiny of the room must be done in order to know about the areas of possible hazards effectively. Solution for these problems may be searched afterwards. During this time, thinking process of a parent must be on the line of child. In this way, a perfect result can be obtained without any hassle. By crawling around the house, possible dangers can be detected quite naturally. Unbreakable things must be kept aside or placed at the higher ground.

Following things must be noticed for perfect baby proofing

Cabinet and Drawer Locks

From the inside, drawer can be installed for perfect preventive care. It is mostly done to avoid any accident in the house. By pressing down the locks, drawers can be opened in order to eliminate problems quite naturally. In the first stage of opening a cabinet door, it can be opened only one or two inches. In case of a child lock of spring action nature, it must be pressed down even past the keeper in order to get an adequate result. Therefore, cabinet or drawer locks can be opened exclusively with the adults.

If the cabinet locks are not fixed from the inside then it can be implemented from the outside platform for ultimate safety of the kid. It can be fixed on the location permanently.

Outlet Covers

One of the effective child-proofing features can be showcased with the outlet covers. Easy installation of the outlet covers can be managed quite naturally. If the outlet cover is not used much on everyday basis then a plastic cover can be placed on each point of the socket. Due to a busy outlet, it can be created on a secluded place. Full cover for the outlet can be found in the market. Functions from these outlets are generally obtained through plugs. Snap within the outlet is closed automatically when the plug is removed. Therefore, it is not possible to forget about lock at all. In case a plastic flying around in the ground, baby can stumble upon it and fall down.


Corner Guard and Surface Bumpers

In order to protect the child from sharp edge of furniture, it can be padded with the corner guard. Bumpers can be installed around the fireplace quite naturally. However, these bumpers can be stretched according to your preference. Therefore, issues are generally not seen with these bumpers. From both the surface bumpers and corner guard, similar kind of functionality can be achieved.

Gates can be put around the wood stoves and fireplaces as well. It can be mounted from the wall for perfect result.

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