It’s Mosquito season again! BUT WE DON’T KILL MOSQUITOES

Climate Change is extending Mosquito season, here is a perfect guide to parents that help to know mosquitoes myths and facts, mosquitoes are the worst problem for everyone in summers, they bite us so strongly that causes terrible irritation, hives, swelling and itching which can also give rise to numerous disease. They are the smallest and deadliest animals of the world. Everyone’s skin is sensitive and can easily get rashes due to pest’s bites and its symptoms are annoying. These mosquitoes target in dawn and dusk when they are much active. Male mosquitoes are less harmful in comparison to Female mosquitoes who are only out for having blood.

As female mosquitoes locks the victim using mixture of exhale carbon dioxide, chemicals and scent in human’s sweat. She hunts for suitable food and after finding lands on exposed skin and injects her proboscis to suck victim’s blood to get rich protein to lay more eggs exactly in the same way as bees and butterflies do. The myths are buzzing around more than the facts which can assist as guide for parents as mosquito bands, sprays; watches itchy reliefs and much more which parents considers them dangerous for their children. But these lotions, greasy liquids available in market claim in keeping away the mosquitoes and prevents from their bites. A new product also captured the market with its innovative features in form of band. It has grabbed potential buyer’s attention and satisfied them with its enormous silicone characteristics.

Safe and protective for children

Mosquito bands and watches available in the market are creatively and innovatively designed which are free from all pesticides, chemicals and DEETs which are considered as protective and safest for children. Even if the child puts it into his mouth, it will cause no harm as the band is fully free from chemical portions that might ingest or release. For infant or toddlers, it is advised by professionals, bands should be hung on their carriage or stroller and at some distance. The bands are free from all chemicals and eco-friendly for all.
Parents are advised to make use of such products which are safest for their children and keeps dangerous bugs away that cause severe and infectious diseases. The natural, safe and effective ingredients are used while making such products which repels insects and biting bugs and comprises of advantages as

The huge brands available across the globe have a durable life of 170-180 hours. If one uses it for specific time period, then they can put them safely and sealed in a plastic bag for future use. These products can be used in all places wherever you want as in bathrooms, bedrooms and other places to keep them mosquito free.

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